Greave Clough Head Walk

Today in glorious sunshine I enjoyed my first real walk since spraining my ankle. For the second time I visited Greave Clough Head, the Westernmost point of both the West Riding and Yorkshire. The purpose of this visit was to take the new West Riding flag to the extreme point. The 5 mile walk on rugged terrain had no adverse effect on my ankle. As a result I now hope to start walking around the East Riding boundary in about two weeks.

Greave Clough Head 1

In the distance is Morecambe Bay. At this point Yorkshire is only 7 miles from the West Coast

Greave Clough Head 2

Lancashire lies at the other side of the fence.

Greave Clough Head 3

Today I was joined by my wife Ruth. She has now visited all four extreme points of Yorkshire. Have any other ladies managed to achieve this feat?

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