Painter & Decorator

I established my Painting & Decorating business when I was 19 in 1984. I am now busier than ever and thoroughly embrace how the trade has evolved.

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I work with Farrow & Ball, Dulux, and Johnstone’s paints as required by each customer.

I generally cover the Stamford Bridge, Sutton Upon Derwent, Pocklington, and York areas but do consider work further afield.

Like others in the trades, I am always in demand but will endeavour to help whenever possible.

Our Home

I maintain our home to a showroom standard by redecorating at least every four years. I am happy to recommend the system I use in our home.

  1. Zinsser BIN – As preparation is key, I put a coat of primer/sealer on all ceilings and walls.
  2. Johnstone’s Vinyl Matt – I paint two coats of Johnstone’s Vinyl Matt in brilliant white on ceilings
  3. Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion/Estate Emulsion – I always paint three coats of Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion or Estate Emulsion on the walls.
  4. Johnstone’s Acrylic Satin – For the woodwork, I put on two coats of Johnstone’s Acrylic Satin in brilliant white.



Mobile: 07826 439101

Last Update 29 Setember 2022