Docker Knott

The River Lunn forms the boundary between Yorkshire and Westmorland. The boundary continues onto Carlingill Beck which runs down Carlin Gill from the watershed. On top of the watershed is Docker Knott the Northernmost point of the West Riding.

West Riding - North - Docker Knott 1

The climb up Carlin Gill in places becomes a scramble and is not for the faint hearted. From the start of the walk until I left the summit the following morning I did not see a soul. A great location to spend my 70th night in my bivy bag.

West Riding - North - Docker Knott 2

To the East of Docker Knock is Uldale Head with Simon’s Seat to the west. From the summit the M6 beyond the River Lunn and the West Coast train line can be seen.

West Riding - North - Docker Knott 3

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