Filey Brigg Island

On Tuesday, for the first time since September, I spent a night in my bivy bag. This was the first of three bivy bag nights this week and was at the stunning Filey Brigg Island – the Easternmost Point of the North Riding.

North Riding - East - Filey Brigg Island

I arrived in time for the high tide at 14.15 to decide how far out I could go without getting washed off with the next high tide at 02.56. To my delight I could get onto the tidal island at low tide. The high tide came within inches and managed to sprinkle me with minor splashes on three occasions.

North Riding - East - Filey Brigg Island 2

My evening was a multi cultural affair as:

  • I enjoyed Yorkshire Fish ‘n’ Chips in Filey – East Riding.
  • At my “camp site” I drank Ossett beer – West Riding.
  • I slept on Filey Brigg Island – North Riding

North Riding - East - Filey Brigg Island 3

Although only a tidal island I believe Filey Brigg Island is the nearest to a Yorkshire island surround by seawater but I would be happy to be proved wrong!

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