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Soay, St Kilda

My second night in a bivy bag was on Soay, St Kilda. The island had not been landed for over five years when I spent the night on the island on 28/29 August 2007. Since the previous landing there had been a … Continue reading

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Boreray, St Kilda

I spent a night on Boreray, St Kilda on 18/19 June 2007 – What an awesome place to spend my first night in a bivy. The 160th Scottish island I slept on.

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Bound Skerry – Shetland

Bound Skerry is the most Easternmost point of Scotland. Dates Slept At: 2/3 August 2009 Slept In: Bivy Bag

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Out Stack – Shetland

A rare view from Out Stack the most Northernmost point of the UK. This photo is the only known photo in the public domain taken from Out Stack. Date Landed: 8 August 2009 When I landed Out Stack I became the … Continue reading

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