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Pock Post – Strangeways Whisky

Strangeways Whisky has received coverage in this weeks Pock Post.

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Strangeways Whisky

I am honoured to announce that Fox Fitzgerald Whisky Trading Company have named their new Cask Range after me. “Our inspiration for our collection came from Andy Strangeway the first man to reach and stay on all of Scotland’s 162 … Continue reading

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Tripoint 17 – Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire

The tripoint of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire is on the Dow Bridge over the River Avon next to the A5. In the photo below Leicestershire is East of the bivy bag, Warwickshire is West and Northamptonshire is north of the flag. … Continue reading

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Tripoint 16 – Derbyshire – Leicestershire – Staffordshire

The tripoint of Derbyshire – Leicestershire – Staffordshire is north of Clifton Campville on the Seal Brook. Derbyshire is West of the Brook, Staffordshire is South East and Leicestershire is North East. Counties: Derbyshire – Leicestershire – Staffordshire Tripoint Number: 16 … Continue reading

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Tripoint 15 – Leicestershire – Staffordshire – Warwickshire

The tripoint of Leicestershire – Staffordshire – Warwickshire is on the road between Clifton Campville and No Man’s Heath. Staffordshire is beyond the sign (note the better road), Warwickshire is in front of the sign to the middle of the car … Continue reading

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Tripoint 14 – Berkshire – Hampshire – Wiltshire

The tripoint of Berkshire – Hampshire – Wiltshire is south of Inkpen Hill. The bivy bag is in Wiltshire, Berkshire is top left and Hampshire is right. Counties: Berkshire – Hampshire – Wiltshire Tripoint Number: 14 Dates Slept At: 23/24 September … Continue reading

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Tripoint 13 – Dorset – Hampshire – Wiltshire

The tripoint of Dorset – Hampshire – Wiltshire is south of Sandleheath on the Ashford Water. Dorset is beyond the trees, the flags are in Hampshire and Wiltshire is the other side of the hedge. Counties: Dorset – Hampshire – … Continue reading

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