New Access For Commercial Site

Having worked closely with my client, Mr Robin Wilson, on various challenges he has had to address with one of his commercial premises on the A19 at Shipton-by-Beningborough, I relished the opportunity to assist in securing a bespoke entrance onto the A19.

As Mr Wilson is of the opinion that issues at Brookes Garage are creating a danger for motorists on the A19, and given the importance he places on the environment, there was a strong desire to create a more welcoming and harmonious entrance for visitors to his site.

Many who have needed to obtain Planning and Highways permission to establish a new entrance onto a major road, especially for commercial premises, have been unsuccessful in their quest.

As a consultant “I often readily identify avenues that others fail to see to move forward in what may appear to be an entrenched, unresolvable situation”.

I welcomed the challenge.

A few months later, after phone calls were made, meetings attended, and forms filled, in I am delighted to confirm that the objective was achieved.

I am informed that a new business is due to open soon.

Further Information

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