Judicial Review – HDC

As Hambleton District Council approved a Planning Application “on the nod” one of the top Law Firms in the north of England was engaged along with a very talented Junior Barrister from London by my Client.

I worked closely with my Client to prepare all of the required papers for his Judicial Review. These then formed the basis for the Law Firm and Junior Barrister to submit a Judicial Review to the Court.

The judge stated that five Grounds were arguable.

HDC conceded. Of course, they did this on the least significant Ground to save face!

Normally 70 to 80% of Legal Costs are awarded in such cases. Given the strength of the case, my Client was, in effect, awarded 100% of their Legal Costs (as a gesture of goodwill it was rounded down to the nearest £1,000).

Ironically, HDC had financed my Clients case against themselves. Perhaps in the future, they will avoid the “nod and wink”.

The funds were paid into my Client’s Bank Account on 9 March 2022.

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