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By successfully challenging numerous Councils (Local Authorities) for many years, I have gained an extensive understanding of how a Council works. To complement this, between 2016 and 2019 I was an Independent Councillor at East Riding of Yorkshire Council which gave me a revealing insight from the inside.

I am well-traveled and a Buddhist, which together with my broad first-hand experience of Councils, combines to give me a mind that excels in creating unique approaches to assist those facing challenges in dealing with Councils on a variety of issues.

I often readily identify avenues that others fail to see to move forward in what may appear to be an entrenched, unresolvable situation. I place importance on embracing a more conducive, harmonious, and beneficial way of working for all concerned.

As a Consultant, I am happy to sit between a client, Councils, and other professionals to achieve the best possible outcome.

Client Endorsement

I would like to thank Mr Wilson for his kind words.

“Dear Andy,

I would like to say a big thank you for all the help, advice, and time that you have dedicated to fight the challenges I have faced from both Hambleton District Council and Brookes Garage. This has been quite a journey and we have gained great success at beating Hambleton District Council in the recent Judicial Review, thank you.

Hopefully, the Council will take note of this and stop wasting tax payers monies with their dishonest, deceitful conduct.

Keep exposing these people and many thanks for your help so far.

Kind regards



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